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chippy d
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While most people's sympathies lie with Laurence, lost in all the hubbub are the people who this is hurting the most.
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Thought of the Day: Someone Save Chippy D!

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Montana Fishburne Aka Chippy D Update: New Video Of Her Popping And TWIRKING

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We at Freddyo. In this video, you get a sneak peak of Montana in action, in this…. This has to be the tackiest negro in the world…just check out the outfits.

I know that there are things on television that are portrayed as reality, when in all actuality, they are just as scripted as a sitcom. At least in previous years, you actually had to work at something to achieve celebrity status. Now, being famous is an aspiration for so many because it seems so attainable. That could be considered an upside. Kids are dreaming bigger everyday because people are getting famous overnight through the internet and reality television. The downside, is that people are also becoming famous for being infamous, and then wind up getting the same admiration given to those taking more traditional routes to the spotlight.

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