Idubbbz ricegum

RiceGum Refuses To Take The L In His Latest Diss Track!

idubbbz ricegum
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A YouTuber who is currently on track with his carreer, and knows what to do in the event of a wild Ricegum encounter Strictly not to be confused with Ricegum A complete idiot. Peep 1: Broo who won iDubbbz or Ricegum? Peep 2: iDubbbz obviously.

Videos for idubbbz content cop ricegum. Content Cop - Jake Paul - Jake Paul content cop.
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Content Cop

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Content Cop is a series created by IDubbbzTV who criticizes a YouTuber's content or a genre of the content as well as their behavior online. There is no schedule to Content Cop, but with every new episode, it sparks controversy towards the individual iDubbbz targets. Normally, after a Content Cop video is released on this YouTuber, the creator loses a significant chunk amount of subscribers and their dislike ratio increases. Keemstar has since stated he had found it hilarious, possibly thinking that the video is satirical, not serious. This video started to get Keemstar slightly more mainstream attention.

The song was written by the two and was produced by Kustom Beats. It is a diss track aimed at fellow YouTube personality RiceGum , who was the subject of an episode of iDubbbz's viral "Content Cop" series. While the title and thumbnail seemingly express that the video would be based on YouTube personality and former Disney actor Jake Paul , the video is actually about fellow YouTube personality Bryan Le, better known as RiceGum ; iDubbbz specifically calls him "Asian Jake Paul", explaining that he didn't want to "give RiceGum the satisfaction of having his name in the title or his face in the thumbnail. The song's lyrics contain verses in which the two YouTube personalities mock RiceGum, by referencing many of his previous controversies and by calling him dumb, talentless, a "borderline sex offender" and other insults. Boyinaband also filmed a video on his YouTube channel showing the production process. Some of the participants in the music video are shown wearing white hoodies with the same mock Supreme logo that was featured in the original Content Cop video. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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