Rencontre franceville gabon


rencontre franceville gabon
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A l'image du Gabon, Franceville est une ville du vide. et d'autre de l'Ogooue qui forme ligne de convergence au milieu de savanes ouvertes aux rencontres.
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Franceville is one of the four largest cities in Gabon , with a population of around , census people. It grew from a village named Masuku when Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza chose it to resettle former slaves and renamed it "Francheville" meaning "city of the freed" in French in

The sun-tailed monkeys Cercopithecus solatus is an endemic species of Gabon, where it was first observed in by Mike Harrison and described in To date, little information is available on this cryptic and rare species. SOL atus , a multidisciplinary research project, was initiated in January to improve knowledge on this poorly known species and to encourage conservation.
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We, Africtivistes, are closely following the situation in Gabon, after the 27 August presidential election in which , citizens voted to choose between incumbent President Ali Bongo and the main contender of the united opposition, Jean Ping. This triggered an outburst of anger in the country while the opposition and civil society challenge the re-election of Ali Bongo, calling it an electoral hold-up. The government declared that 3 people had died, others were wounded and people had been arrested. However, the opposition stated that no fewer than 50 people had died in the aftermaths of the election results announcements. Several opposition leaders were held at the campaign headquarters of candidate Jean Ping for several days —after the premises were raided - and were released after intervention of the international community. Given this political climate, the European Union and the United Nations who monitored the election have called for the publication of the minutes of the polling stations and the vote recount in order to find a solution to the dispute between political actors. However, that approach does not seem appropriate for the regime in place.

The showcases contain a set of entertaining and educative tools and activities explaining forests, ecosystems and great apes presented by national educators. The two first kits have moved in Uganda and Gabon in areas located where great apes occur. In Uganda, 52 primary and secondary schools on a 1,km tour organised by the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda enhanced greatly the motivation to preserve forests and great apes. In Gabon, the RAPAC together with nine partners involved in environmental education took the kit to 66 schools along another 1, km tour. Among those schools some were located in areas controlled by logging companies. In some areas, data on ape meat consumption were obtained.

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