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Gay leather and fetish movies a guide

fetish movies
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Movies about Fetish and Kink

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From Menace to Fetish: Seven Movies about Cars

From well know and mainstream movies, like Cruising with Al Pacino, to less konw masterpice as Gerontophila by Bruce La Bruce you can find here a guide to 7 gay leather and fetish movies. Cruising tells the story of his adventures and misadventures in this small subculture of gay society. You can find Cruising on Amazon using this link. In a colorful brothel in the port of Brest, proprietor Nono is known for wagering with his customers. Winning a throw of the dice means to get to make love with his wife, Lysiane; losing mease to be taken by Nono himself. One day, Lysiane reads the tarots for her lover, Robert, and learns in the cards of his intense passion for his brother, Querelle.

Cars in cinema are more than just props or vehicles that enable a character to get from A to B. In the following seven movies we find cars with unusual qualities. Because he can. Because Mann responds to his provocation.

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