Jonah falcon dick

An Investigation into the Dick Size of the American Male (NSFW)

jonah falcon dick
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Jonah Falcon Worlds Longest 13inch Penis

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Two Guys With Huge Dicks Are Having an International Battle for the World's Largest Penis

But the New Yorker has admitted it has ruined his acting career. Jonah says directors are afraid to cast him because "he's known for his penis size" and his career has been harmed as a result. Jonah held the record for the largest penis in the world until Roberto Esquivel Cabrera's.
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Oh, when your penis is mistaken for a weapon of mass destruction. - He recounts that when he was in fifth grade, his schoolmates saw his penis, which was eight inches long at that point, while he changed in a bathroom stall.

At The only thing standing in his way is Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, a man from Mexico who claims his is 19—yes 19—inches long. Cabrera, he argues, cheated his way to the top. I am happy with my penis, I know nobody has the size I have. In fact, all of his extra foreskin has caused Cabrera to have multiple urinary tract infections. I cannot run fast and so the companies think badly of me. The only work Cabrera is hoping to find is within the porn industry in the United States—but that's looking difficult for him.

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