Tempel der beruhrung

Massagen & Rituale

tempel der beruhrung
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Massagen & Rituale

I am not a studio, I am workling alone! Working times in Munich here:. That sounds rather pompous, I thought at the beginning, but when I am observing this leitmotiv of my life, all that is drawing me on, has something to do with ornaments, fabric, beauty und sensibility. As years went by I discovered, executed and lived a lots of talents and passions and I try, to display its variety to show on my homepage accordingly. In most passions I am a self-made-woman and while I was able to work out a certain quality trough perseverance and experience. What is keeping me busy and on the run above all:.

About me I discovered my love for massage on the shores of the Indian ocean, in a sacred place called Gokarna. India showed me the presence of an inner home that I had never before noticed. A place of inner stillness: calm and full of light and peace, yet full of colours and vibrant with life. How does all this relate to my work as a massage therapist? It is the essence of it.

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  1. I did choose the description root-massage for a massage, where the whole buttocks are in the focus, including the anal- and prostate-massage area.

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