We vibe tutorial

Ask Kate: We-Vibe Tango Tutorial

we vibe tutorial
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We-Vibe Tango Review

The We-Vibe Sync Vibrator is the most popular luxury couples sex toy for many reasons. It hits all the right spots for people with vulvas, can be used solo or with a partner, and there are lots of ways to use it! The We-Vibe has a smaller and larger end.
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11 Ways to Use Your We-Vibe Sync Vibrator

Feb 2, 9 comments. Before trying out the absolutely fabulous We-Vibe Tango , I was skeptical. Yet, this vibrator was pocket-sized and made entirely of plastic qualities that have not been able to please me in the past. But now, after giving this slim vibrator a try, I can absolutely see what all the hype is about! I can easily and confidently say that this is not only one of my favorite vibrators, but definitely one the best vibrators out there. The We-Vibe Tango is a pocket sized vibe that can literally fit in the palm of your hand. The gently pointed tip is perfect for pin-point stimulation, and the angle of the tip is perfect for positioning the power exactly where you want it.

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