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FOR such a woke, millennial, uber-liberal organisation, the fact the BBC allows ageism and sexism to run rampant on Radio 1 is the height of hypocrisy.
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Tanya Tagaq—Canadian Inuit Throat Singer—BBC Interview

Myreen Young began making skincare products in her kitchen Estee Lauder was in her 30s when she began selling the now-famous beauty products that launched her global cosmetics empire., One suggestion being put forward by music biz whisperers today is the move could spell the end of a Controller position at BBC Radio 1 — which has been a highly- influential role in the UK industry for decades.

A university group says that the government's review of tuition fees in England should make a priority of finding ways to attract more mature and.
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Given the highly sensitive subject matter, the programme dealt with the facts admirably. Broadcast on the same day as the release of the most detailed study into child sexual abuse conducted in the UK, The Truth About Child Sex Abuse was as chilling as it was compassionate. Presented by Professor Tanya Byron and Tazeen Ahmad, the programme exposed some harrowing truths about paedophilia and sex abuse, including the statistic that 10 per cent of sex abuse is carried out by the victim's own mother. Despite Operation Yewtree and the recent exposure of Rotherham and Rochdale sex abuse rings, Children's Commissioner Anne Longfield said the majority of cases are still not brought to justice because children are too afraid to speak out. And often when they do, they are sadly ignored. But rather than point the blame at paedophiles and child sex abusers, the documentary took a more mature approach. Taking the lead from the parents of April Jones the five-year-old who was abducted and murdered in , who now campaign for a better understanding of sex offenders, the programme featured charities trying to help people deal with their sexual urges towards minors.


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  1. Now Fiona Armstrong is one of three middle-aged women being hired by the BBC to counter claims of ageism.

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