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Kelly Brook - Piranha 3D - Swimming Naked

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Exclusive Video Interviews with PIRANHA 3D Cast and Crew

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She is portrayed by Kelly Brook. After having a brief conversation with her, Laura remarked that she liked Danni's boobs and that her brother Jake would like them. Crystal was killed by the piranha, before Danni frantically hoisted a half eaten Derrick onto the boat.
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The cast of Piranha 3D have done their best in recent weeks to make damn sure that people know what they're getting when they walk into their multiplex this weekend for the silliest film of the summer. As well as talking up the boobs, bums and blood in countless interviews, they've recorded a Funny Or Die sketch suggesting plenty of witty reasons why they should be considered at next year's Academy Awards. Predictably, the most admirable thing about Alexandre Aja's movie is its shameless desire to be as openly trashy as possible. It's a nice touch, and is one of several nods and winks to the genre sprinkled across the thankfully swift 89 minute runtime. In fact, the movie is bookended with plenty of material that could have been spliced from any similar film from the late '70s on, with various characters in peril from the deadly freshwater creatures.

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