Nude dance theatre

Archival performances

nude dance theatre
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The Human Body in Contemporary Dance: from Costumes to Nakedness

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Naked or nude, the human body has been a source of creative inspiration in all forms of art, from painting and sculpture to theatre, film, performance art and body art, digital art and live political activism. The public display of the live, bare body with its multiple and complex associations has a powerful impact on our awareness of the self and otherness. Many activists have stripped themselves of clothing to draw attention to the vulnerability and power of the body in the social system we live in. An activist protest occurred in May , in the centre of Athens, Greece. The site of these incidents also brings to mind that nudity has been an integral part in the arts for thousands of years, as an expression of the freedom of humankind.

Seeing dancers perform naked can be shocking, exciting and uncomfortable. Yet onstage nudity can also showcase the body beautifully, revealing the mechanics of movement in a whole new way. Dance Magazine writers Laura Cappelle and Zachary Whittenburg spoke to several top dancemakers about why and how they use the naked body in their work.

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