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Messy business, dealing with landlords. There always seems to be another payment to make, or another form to sign, or just something that is of major convenience to the whole moving-in saga. The Scottish student had put out a post on social media, and was contacted by 'Franciso', offering her a room for free, so long as she followed his conditions, the Daily Mail reports. Luckily, the odd guy isn't looking for sex, but he does insist that his housemates lick his feet, and own the key to his chastity belt. Erin needs to move to the French capital as part of her course at Edinburgh University, to study at the Paris Institute of Political Studies.

Then her temperature spiked and dropped, sending her to a local Stark County, Ohio, emergency room in the early hours of May Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Marie Trainer's limbs were amputated after a rare infection led to sepsis. When Trainer woke in a hospital bed nine days later, her hands and legs had been amputated. It took doctors seven days to discover Trainer incurred a severe infection, not from a "tropical" travel disease as they first suspected, but from her German shepherd's kisses.

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