Grindr party

Grindr Party

grindr party
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The terms “parTy and play” and the acronym “PNP,” which can be seen on Grindr and beyond, are used by some gay men to describe a sexual.
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Party and play

Party and play (also called chemsex) is the consumption of drugs to facilitate or enhance sexual activity. Sociologically, both "party and play" and "chemsex".
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A third-party app can use Grindr to expose your exact location

Top definition. PnP unknown. Usually leads to long, chemmed-up sex sessions. Usually seen in chat room or ads. SWM , 28, 6'2", , 43c,32w, 8 cut, looking for some PnP with some nasty chicks. PnP drugs. Seen most often in the gay community, slang for Party n' Play.

Grindr, the premium gay dating app, is exposing the precise location of its more than 3. Fuckr locates Grindr users via a technique called trilateration : a mathematical way to determine the true position of a point by measuring the distance between a user and three or more different places near them. As far back as , security researcher Patrick Wardle has cited Grindr as a case study in how location-aware apps can go wrong. Moreover, by spoofing locations, an attacker can gather information about any and all users in any location, Wardle said back in Little has changed, says Queer Europe.

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