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Bad Boy Comes Out, Shocking His Daddy: WATCH

Four Ts from the U. His ability to simultaneously honor and mock the establishment made him the most influential comedian of our time. But by his mids, Letterman was clearly bored with playing the bad boy.

Miles Turner, a handler and operative with The Organization, a private security firm, is used to always being the man with the plan, the guy in control of everything around him. Sensual sparks fly as soon as they come together, like they were made for each other, in bed and out.
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Eric Fischl: From Bad Boy to Good Man

But one night, it all falls apart, and Harper is left in a mortifying situation. Naked. Luckily the River boys are around to save the day. After a few pictures of course.
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Bad Boy for Life

Photos courtesy of Columbia Pictures. It's a valid question, and any time it comes up in conversation with a new acquaintance who thinks they're above the lowbrow shit, I ask the same thing. It might be a crass action-comedy film stuffed with a million explosions and some dead naked people, but that doesn't change the fact that Bad Boys II is a transformative piece of black cinema. Lots of attack choppers, lots of sweaty dudes in filthy tank tops exchanging heavy weapons fire, lots of brawny hypercars shouting a big "fuck you" to the established laws of physics and the ozone layer.

Meanwhile I was a suburban bad boy -- cynical, sarcastic, contemptuous of all authority. If you had a foot in the art world in the s you know who Eric Fischl is. Just in case you didn't, take a brief look at "Bad Boy," the canvas Fischl describes as his "most famous and notorious painting. The oedipal drama of "Bad Boy" unfolds in the corner of a slime green bedroom where a mattress has been laid informally on the floor. On its roiling seascape of bluish bedsheets a nude woman sprawls and pares her toenails; the porny, suburban great-grandaughter of one of Degas' late bathers.

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