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London's biggest lesbian club night is taking the gay scene back from men

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Henco Espag joined The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Symphonic Band as Director and Conductor in Outside of the LGBAC, Henco is a composer.
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Europe has been leading the way for LGBT travellers for the past decades. It has some of the most open and welcoming countries in the world and is, therefore, the perfect continent for your lesbian holidays. It has so much to offer: from stunning beaches to picturesque cities and much more.

The annual Dinah draws thousands of women from around the world to bask in California's spring sunshine. With sun, sea and 20, women, the Dinah is the largest festival in the world which doesn't involve any men at all. Last weekend saw the annual gathering kick off for its 25th year, and the ' largest girl festival in the world ' is only on the rise. Created by Mariah Hanson in , the Dinah was set up to create a lesbian world within the city - they booked out the hotels and filled the venues throughout the festival's stretch. Named for the Dinah Shore golf tournament - not American actress Dinah, who passed away in and was herself not gay - it's got music, entertainment and stars, but the fans return for the largest lesbian event on the planet.

Christie Murphy is what we call a family girl. She is very close to her gay brother whose name is Johnny Murphy. The two of them can be seen goofing around in many of her Instagram posts. Happy Birthday to my rock. I feel lucky to have been guided by YOU in this lifetime.

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  1. Lesbian Super Pac to spend big in fight for gay and women's rights | World news | The Guardian

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