Big labia love


big labia love
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This story is over 5 years old., For a simple body part in a very out-of-sight area, labia are subject to an unfair amount of scrutiny.

Maybe it was that teasing comment from an ex boyfriend, oh, seven years ago. Maybe it occurred to me at some point when I was watching porn and noticed that mine looked different. Maybe it was in the shower, as I haphazardly shaved my pubes into just a tuft. It was absolutely before I got my first completely bare wax , though having a hand mirror suddenly placed between my legs so I could inspect the results certainly made the point hit home.

We may be less familiar with the idea that similar judgements are made about the vulva. The vulva includes the inner lips labia minora and outer lips labia majora , the clitoris, and the vaginal opening. Labia can be long or short, wrinkled or smooth, dark or light. One side is often longer than the other, consistent with the asymmetry of most body parts. The exterior of the clitoris can be pea-sized or as big as a thumb. Just as some people seek cosmetic surgery on visible parts of their bodies, women have resorted to cosmetic surgery on their genitals to make them resemble an ideal. More than half of GPs surveyed in reported being consulted by women and girls wanting genital cosmetic surgery.

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