Big brother mzansi lexi

Mandla And Lexi

big brother mzansi lexi
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Mandla & lexi having sex in big brother Mzansi

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It began on 2 February The show was hosted by Lungile Radu.
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Big Brother Mzansi: Secrets

While she may have entered the entertainment industry as a reality TV star, Lexi van Niekerk is tired of being seen as the girl who dated the Big Brother winner, and wants the world to recognise her other skills. However, she wanted to be able to branch into other things without her past status being dragged into everything. Because a lot of people don't know what I am about right now.

Brumilda "Lexi" Van Niekerk was a housemate in Big Brother Mzansi: Secrets.
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All she wanted to do was spice up the game by conspiring with the others to gang up on Lexi. Big Brother did not find this strategy in any way amusing and put everyone up for eviction. She understood where Big Brother was coming from and said she deserved the axe.

Mandla, who's been a firm fan favourite with the majority of the viewers, controversially set viewers' screens alight when he and fellow housemate Lexi had a dalliance in the shower on national television. Both went into the house respectively attached. The more time you have to yourself, you get to reflect on things that have happened before and how things were when you left.

Lovebirds and former 'Big Brother Mzansi' season one housemates Lexi and Mandla are back for another season of their popular reality show. Will Mandla finally propose? After two weeks of not seeing each other, Mandla and Lexi meet to chat.

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  1. Lexi Van, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Mzamo Gcabashe Big Brother Mzansi . Lexi: "no" Mandla: "when you gonna kiss me then" Lexi: "when we get married".

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